Brightcove writes about Jeremy Allaire’s new venture – an IP video startup called Brightcove formed to encourage democratization of video production and distribution.

The Cambridge-based company wants a hand in all facets of IP video or Internet TV — creation, delivery and monetization.

think of it as RealNetworks done right with a consumer video service, a backend service, and other allied services needed for everyone from small publishers, like bloggers, to small-to-mid sized media companies and online VOD startups, develop and distribute video easily and cost-effectively. In essence, an open-publishing model.

Allaire explains: “The online service will operate with a consumer-facing service that provides access to programming and content published in the service, and will also provide a very rich service to publishers and rights-holders interested in a direct-to-consumer distribution path for video products. The service will also provide tools to website operators generally, who are interested in economically participating in the online video revolution.”

Om Malik adds: “Instead of developing a hardware platform, the company will base everything it does on open standards, and will essentially be a software platform that will run on any kind of device – Microsoft Media Centers to TiVo to connected DVD players. In other words, [Allaire] is gunning for a market that is the super nova of consumer-acquired devices.”

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.