Email Needs

Jeff Nolan writes about what he’d like from email:

* better spam and spyware detection baked in, 100% effective with no false positives
* inline messaging… in other words, if I see something on a web page or doc that I want to email, let me add a header right there without opening a new window and send it
* instant messaging built into email as an alternative. Someone’s online and I try to send them an email, open at IM window instead at my option.
* better support for file attachments, with indexing and searching of the attachments embedded in messages
* while I’m on attachments, if an email has a copy of an attachment in an earlier message, pull the old one and link to the newest copy (there was a company doing this called Attachstor)
* better searching, period. Integrated with desktop search, and p2p (like what Blinkx) is doing would be a bonus
* better mobile integration, take email with me everywhere
* integrated Web and RSS feed browsing

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Rajesh Jain

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