Internet Train Wreck

Silicon Valley Watcher (Tom Foremski) writes:

With a common foundation of communications technologies, the internet plus the web browser became a fantastic publishing/media platform.

And it is a disruptive technology, but it is a disruptive media technology. The web browser allows for cheap and easy publication of pages of content, and their distribution.

The train wreck is occurring in the printed media sector (and soonin the older new media sector–the online news magazines formed 5 to 10 years ago.)

Internet 1.0 produced media technologies that continue to disrupt print media, and that disruption will accelerate in Internet 2.0 because of the new media technologies such as blogging, wikis, and related technologies/tools/applications.

Internet 2.0 media technologies provide a two-way web, a readable and write-able web, as some call it. (Or if I were Dr Dolittle, a PushMe-PullMe type of web.)

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Rajesh Jain

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