3G Killer App

[via Om Malik] Andrew Odlyzko writes that “the killer app for 3G may turn out to be–surprise–voice calls.”

The unanticipated killer application of 3G is likely to be voice, the killer app of first-and second-generation systems. This will please both investors and those eager to see effective competition to the local phone monopolies.

3G was sold by its promoters as a way to provide mobile Internet access. But the market has figured out that not only will streaming video not be feasible with 3G, it is doubtful whether it would bring in much revenue even if it could be offered.

People don’t want to be entertained by their cell phones. They want to be connected. Note the success of simple text messaging and the failure
of content-providing Wireless Access Protocol. The good news is that 3G’s higher bandwidth can be used to make room for more calls and maybe
make those connections more reliable.

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