How Important is Real-Time?

Mobile Enterprise Weblog writes:

I’ve been thinking a lot about push vs. real time, as I’m at the beginning of a media campaign for the MEA. Starting with the success of RIM, it’s easy to see how valuable near real-time applications can be.

As I go through the seventy mobility case studies we’ve collected, I find that real-time access to enterprise applications is the exception, not the rule. Following the cue of RIM, there are vendors like Intellisync (below), Visto and Antenna Software whose role in mobile applications is to mediate between a back-end enterprise application and a host of mobile devices.

There is significant value in being able to schedule, coordinate and manage information between mobile devices and enterprise applications.

The primary reason for this is that mobile connectivity is not guaranteed, even in Europe, a continent well-covered by GSM 1800, GPRS and UMTS signals. Regardless of how much bandwidth is available, the fact remains that no single wireless operator offers a service level agreement (SLA) for mobile data services.

Wireless networks are both ubiquitous and unpredictable. There will be dead spots. There will be congestion. There will be high latency and slow response time for enterprise applications. Even after we resolve these issues within the network, many enterprises will choose the times when communications must be immediate … and the times where it’s equally cost-effective to wait.

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