ABCs of Tech Success

Business Week has a column by Brad Silverberg outlining a framework:

The concept involves understanding today’s tech market via a simple analysis. And I mean simple. It has only three parts:

A: The way things are.
B: The way things could be.
C: What needs to happen, or the gap you need to cross, to get there.

First, looking at the gaps in the industry as a whole can inspire a compelling mission and a vision of change. In an inversion of the original software-centric Microsoft (MSFT ) mantra of a “computer on every desktop,” Marc Benioff’s view of the opportunity for customer- and sales-force-management software led him to create his company, (CRM ), which was publicly dedicated to “no more software.” Here’s how Benioff and his staff plugged their situation into the ABC template:

A: Software is everywhere but costs too much, is overcomplicated, and isn’t used. On top of that, tech budgets are getting squeezed.
B: We see a future in which the corporate world is without software — at least in the traditional sense of a package shipped to customers on a disk — and without its hassles or up-front capital requirements.
C: We need to drive across the gap by using simpler software that’s delivered over the Internet. We need to take it all the way through the mid-market and to an initial public offering.

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