India and GE

WSJ writes about GE’s role in India’s outsourcing boom:

India today earns more than $17 billion from corporations world-wide seeking low-cost overseas talent to do everything from write software to collect debts to design semiconductors. GE in large measure stoked the phenomenon, playing an unheralded role as the Johnny Appleseed of India Inc. and reaping billions in savings for itself along the way.

GE’s technology partnership with India came amid the country’s economic opening, which began in 1991 when New Delhi began systematically dismantling tariff and export controls. Indian executives say early investments by GE in India gave their technology and business service sectors crucial credibility and cash when other companies still viewed the country as a risky backwater. Moreover, exposure to Mr. Welch’s culture of cost-cutting and efficiency taught them business skills they are now using to compete globally, often against U.S. firms.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.