Social Environment

Bill Burnham writes:

While Friendster represents the previous social networking othodoxy of having the social network itself be the application, MySpace, and now Yahoo 360, reflect the new understanding that social networking will be just one aspect of a fully encompassing online “social environment”.

MySpace, has arguably blazed the path in the creation of a social environment. Rather than focus soley on networking, MySpace early on tried to make its site a complete “social experience” by sponsoring real world parties and encouraging interaction within its membership. MySpace has been particularly aggressive in using music as a way to bind and organize its community. To that end, it has aggressively pursued bands to have them launch and maintain fan sites on MySpace and it has encouraged fans of bands to launch their own sites, blogs, and discussion threads about music. This emphasis on music makes tremendous sense given that music tastes are one of the key ways that young people often segment themselves. Thus, MySpace’s social network is a actually a multi-dimensional experience that not only connects people who know or indirectly know each other, but links groups of people together by their interests/hobbies/passions. It’s no wonder then that MySpace now generates far more page views and time-on-site than Friendster: people on MySpace actually have something fun to do.

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Rajesh Jain

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