Automating Compute Infrastructure

Brad Feld writes:

I realized that in the past year, Ive introduced a new set of computing tools in my daily life. A lot of this has been driven off of the shift to web-based applications, but RSS and the way that I interact with real time information has changed this as well. As I thought about this, I got aggravated with the number of things that I have to do to simply interact with my compute infrastructure. They range from the trivial (manually synchronizing my bookmarks across multiple computers since I use Firefox, I can use the Bookmark Sync plug in to keep the bookmarks across my four computers synced but I still have to actually click on Sync when I make a change) to the more complex (dealing with all of the email-based meeting requests that I get fortunately my assistant Wendy handles much of this, but it is clearly something my compute infrastructure should be smart enough to figure out.)

Ive started to think about how to increase my compute infrastructure to the next level especially with regard to automating all the trivial shit that my computer should be smart enough to deal with for me. I want my compute infrastructure to continually get smarter, do more effective things for me in the background, and free my time up to actually generate content.

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