SMS Future

The Mobile Technology Weblog makes an interesting point:

Ive been doing a little research lately; Ive been bugging people all around me with the question: why do you love SMS?. The top responses Ive been getting are:

– Its instant (you immediately get updated when an SMS arrives)
– Its private
– Its easy (although I think that is a relative statement)
– It always works

Looking at these responses, something hit me: SMS is nothing more then an outrageously expensive, very short, limited capability email!

The big advantage is that every mobile phone in the market can handle SMS. Yet it wont be long until the majority of mobile phones will be able to handle emails and instant messaging aswell.

Looking at the enormous success of the blackberry and at my own serious mobile email addiction, I dont see any reason why SMS should survive. My emails are just as easy to type, can be delivered just as quickly, are just as private, they always work, can be received on my phone (plus a million other devices) and theyre loads cheaper

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