Mobiles in Enterprises

Danny Shader of Good Technology says in an interview:

With cell phones becoming incredibly powerful, the line between cell phones and computers is blurring. But the modalitythe way people use themis very different. Today, a lot of people think of their laptops as mobile, but I think laptops are portable meaning you take them from place to place, interact with them, and then turn them off. These handheld cellular things, on the other hand, are always on, always connected, and always available for instant interaction at the point of business.

The first thing people seem to want to do is send e-mail, but it goes way beyond that: They want to access corporate data. Notice I didn’t say corporate applications, because the application interface is different when you’re in a truly mobile environmentwalking down the street, dealing with customers, and so onbut the data sources are the same. So a significant amount of the work that people are doing on laptops today is going to migrate into these handhelds, which means it’s going to be a gigantic category. But because the data sources are the same and because some (but not all) of the same applications are going to need to run, people are going to want to use standard development toolswhich means that the standard operating systems are going to win in this world.

I wouldn’t call mobile devices computers because the word computer connotes certain things. But it’s clear that in Asia and Europe (for different reasons) people are using their cell phones for more than just telephony.

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