Mobile Email vs Texting

Paul Golding writes:

I don’t think that it’s right to compare email to text and declare text the winner. These apps aren’t competing and we are missing some important differentiators.

The problem with email on mobiles is that without push, it’s very disadvantaged, especially compared to text. The reason that push remains problematic is not so much due to technology and IPR issues, but because of commercial ones.

To receive emails, someone has to pay for it. Thus far, it’s the user, but without an affordable flat-rate (or otherwise predictable) tariff, this is problematic, which is why push email (i.e Blackberries) remains an enterprise-user luxury.

The greatest advantage that email has over text is that so many information streams are available via email, such as news bulletins, newsletters, fan mail, system alerts, Ebay messages, Amazon messages, etc. The list is endless and practically any IT system can send information via email. The number and variety of email “notifications” (i.e. messages from IT systems) far outstrips text “notifications”.

The importance of this is that were this email feature easily extendable to mobiles (i.e. in an affordable push scenario), then this would be a major step towards a better mobile-information future.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.