The Customisation Revolution

PortalsMag writes:

NetSuite’s recent debut of NetFlex, a customization and integration platform, is a reminder that both the hosted and licensed approaches to e-business are converging around the importance of giving customers more power to change, configure, and control their applications.

NetFlex’s approach is based on what NetSuite calls “Click, not code.” In other words, custom features can be set up via point-and-click interfaces, opening the door to line-of-business users to implement their own changes (e.g. to create a more industry-specific appearance, process, or template). It’s a concept that extends to integration and personalization as well, giving companies the ability to connect their NetSuite applications to other systems of record without having to engage in full-blown enterprise application integration (EAI) projects and deliver specific information based on roles.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.