Brand Storytelling

800-CEO-READ Blog writes about “May I Have Your Attention, Please?: Building a Better Business By Telling Your Story” by Chris Hilicki. Here are Chris’ Big 10 Brand Builders:

1. Recognize that you already have a brand whether you know it or not. It’s time to take control of it to build an authentic powerful brand destined for great success.
2. Identify and examine your own story, experiences, and life-changing moments in your personal and professional life.
3. Attach importance to your story because it is real, unique, and the only thing that can’t be copied.
4. Connect your experiences to the things that are important to you–your values and beliefs.
5. Express these values as your brand values with corresponding elements that are visual and audial, as well as those characteristics that can be felt and make people feel.
6. Share these values in a way that incorporates as many of the human senses as possible.
7. Communicate these brand values so that they relate to your audience and can be easily remembered.
8. Reveal your authentic brand in a way that involves your audience, listens, responds, and maneuvers as you anticipate your audience’s changing needs and wants.
9. Write down a specific plan for your brand development and the results you will achieve.
10. In the fullness of believing you are worthy and valuable, turn the attention your brand receives back to the world to meet and exceed their wants, needs, hopes, and dreams.

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