The Attention Economy

Dana Blankenhorn writes:

What’s news is how we’re bifurcating our attention — splitting it into parts — and how media must now compete for slices of it.

We often divide our attention while online. I’ve got several windows open on this computer. I can be running iTunes, I can have the TV on, I can be talking to my lovely bride, all at the very same time. Anyone can do this.

You can divide attention horizontally — doing several things at once — but you can also divide it vertically. There’s my conscious attention, what I know I’m thinking of, then there’s my subconscious attention, even my unconscious attention. My next item for this blog might be bubbling away in my unconscious right now, or I might be subconsciously considering my next meal.

Marketers, of course, want to play in all these areas but they can’t. There is always going to be an editorial side of your attention and a marketing side. We’re talking about our own internal space, and anyone who’s consuming ads on every level, in every channel, is worthless to those advertisers because none of their attention is focused on buying anything.

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Rajesh Jain

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