Running Your Company on Web Apps

Evan Williams has some suggestions

* Basecamp – project/task management (much is moving to FogBugz, though)

* JotSpot – internal information management (haven’t fully committed, but looks good)

* Blogger – for, ya know, the blog

* Gmail – I think nearly everyone here uses it as their client. We just forward our mail there.

* FogBugz – Awesome bug and customer email management (although we haven’t tried the email yet). We were using something I think called BugTrack, which comes with Textdrive, but it was a little sparse in features. (FogBugz also has discussion forums, which we’re not sure if we’re using either.)

* Google Groups – internal and external mailing lists

* Kayako – a really intersting customer support app. Haven’t decided how to use it yet or its relationship with FogBugz.

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