Web 2.0 for Events

pc4media writes:

The cool event web 2.0 application may be how we put a listing of events into a calendar for the purpose of discovery. BUT, I’d bet that a cooler web 2.0 application for events is how we combine other information that is important to the event, into one interface for the purpose of event marketing and sharing experiences.

what should be integrated into an event website?

Who’s talking/blogging about this event? powered by technorati, feedster, blogpulse
What blog posts are related to this event? powered by waypath
What images were taken at this event? Powered by flickr
What books should I buy before attending this event? Powered by Amazon
Is this event an auction? Can I bid online? Powered by ebaylive.
Are there other events happening around the same time in the same city? Powered by upcoming.org, evdb
Who’s bookmarked this event? Powered by delicious, spurl.
What music is playing at this event? powered by iTunes, purevolume (maybe not yet)
Who’s coming to this event? Powered by WhizSpark, FOAF, evite, upcoming.org, EVDB (maybe not yet)

What else?

After our own identity aggregation, and our own reading habits aggregation, events are the glue that brings us all together. Events are the next big aggregation puzzle.

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