Future of Retailing?

The Pondering Primate writes:

Ive been pondering the fight that will be coming up between retailers and brands once the physical world is connected. Huh? Well it wont be long before you will be able to click on a barcode and be directed to a targeted site. The question is whose site should it be based on where you click.

This will be, in my opinion, revolutionary. It will also create access to more information than some would like.

Im going to use an example of what I mean. Im walking through a Barnes and Noble store and I see this great book on Pictures Of History priced at $45.00. I like the book but $45 seems steep. I take out my camera phone, click on the barcode, and I am taken to Amazon.com where the price is $39.95. I can either order right there through my phone, or wait till I get home.

Barnes and Noble lost control of their customer by allowing an outside application in the store. Every retailer is scared at the thought of a price comparison/outside application being allowed in their store via cell phone.

A $45 book is one thing, but imagine a $5000 Sony LCD TV in Best Buy. Think Best Buy might object to a Froogle like application in their store?

How can they stop this?

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.