Mobile Advertising

The Pondering Primate writes:

… your cell phone will be the remote control of your world.

Here’s another way to look at this. See if you can how ubiquitous this will be.

Imagine if Apple had the ability to sell advertising on every iPod screen. People would say WOW!. All those screens out there, it would be huge.

Now, replace every iPod screen with a cell phone. What you have is a 6 ounce TV that you can carry everywhere and it is tuned into only one TV station. Would you like to be the company that sells advertising on that?….I thought so.

Now you see why mobile advertising will be enormous.

Another post adds: “Mobile content is ‘snack media’ – short, snappy, entertaining and engaging content – it is meant to be on-the-move and is viewed when mobile users have a minute or two to spare. It has very wide appeal and might be sports or news highlights, movie trailers, music videos or even Mobisodes of existing television programmes, which are short episodes that are either unique or add to the broadcast experience.”

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