Mobile and TV Advertising

The Feature has an article by Mike Masnick:

Just as advertisers are realizing that the dream of pushing real-time ads to mobile devices is dying, it appears that a few are recognizing the power of advertising that’s pulled by the user, rather than pushed by the advertiser. In fact, some say that user-requested mobile advertising is going to eventually take the place of television advertising.

Andrew Robertson, the recently appointed head of Omnicom’s well-known BBDO advertising firm, is talking about how people can now avoid any advertising they don’t like — meaning that any effective advertising has to be something that the user actually wants. “You have no way to interrupt because they can choose what they can do. The opportunity is if you can create some content that they want to engage with, they can do that all of the time from anywhere.”

In other words, the whole mindset behind the entire advertising industry needs to change from one that’s about getting as many eyeballs on the ad as possible to getting people to actually want to see the ad. It’s a huge shift in mentalities, and the mobile Internet is likely to lead the charge. Since mobile devices are something that people carry with them all the time, and are connected to the wider world around them, it’s the perfect delivery mechanism — so long as the ads are requested by the end user.

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