Top 25 Technological Breakthroughs

CNN has a list of tech advances over the past 25 years:

1) Wireless world
2) Defense technology
3) Alternative fuel vehicles
4) Biotechnology
5) Computers
6) Lasers
7) Genomics
8) Global finance
9) Processors
10) Digital storage
11) Space
12) Fiber optics
13) Satellite TV & radio
14) DNA testing
15) Video games
16) Biometrics
17) Energy and water savers
18) Scanning tunneling microscopes
19) Batteries
20) E-baggage
21) Remote controls
22) Animal cloning
23) Manufacturing technology
24) The big picture
25) Weather technology

It writes:

In 1980, telephones were stuck to walls, facts were found in books and people had to browse shelves in a record store if they wanted to buy the latest music. Now, access to all of that and more is found by just reaching into our pockets.

“For a long time people have thought of information as being a destination,” says Scott Shamp, director of the New Media Institute at the University of Georgia.

“You had to go to a book, you had to go to a library, you had to go to a shaman. … But now, with new mobile technology and wireless technologies, information is turning into a companion.”

In the Information Age having immediate access to data is fundamental to progress. In some cases the advances are serving to overhaul industries at a lightning-fast pace.

The Internet allowed tech-savvy music lovers to force changes in the way the music industry does business. Text messaging over cell phones has made written communication more immediate.

Having a computer in almost every home in America was instrumental to this massive technology shift — ranking No. 5 on the list.

Now, having computer access in homes is not quite enough. We want to use these tools everywhere. Wireless hot spots have popped up in cafes, airports, universities — even whole city blocks.

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Rajesh Jain

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