Boston as Wi-Fi City

The Boston Globe writes that “Boston is on the brink of a revolution-a wireless world where people in parks and on sidewalks, on subways and in restaurants, everywhere and anywhere, are plugged in to the Internet.”

Hotels, airports, stadiums, municipal buildings, hospitals, libraries, planes, trains – our entire environment is being “unwired.” Wi-Fi is connecting whole neighborhoods and public parks, like New York City’s Bryant Park, creating so-called hotzones and hotcities. The Boston Foundation, a charitable group, has given the Museum of Science $25,000 to study unwiring swaths of the city, particularly parks and open spaces. Next month, civic and technology leaders plan to meet at a Wireless Boston summit to discuss the idea.

Can a hotworld be far off? Will we someday be able to access our digital selves from anywhere just by starting our laptop or our cellphone or even our car? Will information about you and me and everyone else just float in the air all the time? And do we want to live in such a world?

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.