Thin Client from Ndiyo

BBC News writes:

Not-for-profit developers, Ndiyo – the Swahili word for “yes” – said it could open up the potential of computing to two billion more people.

The sub-100 box, called Nivo, runs on open-source software and is known as a “thin client”. Several can be linked up to a central “brain”, or server.

It said the small, cheap boxes were targeted at smaller companies, cybercafes, or schools, which need an affordable, reliable system for providing clusters of two to 20 workstations.

The Nivo unit itself measures around 12 by eight by two centimetres. It has no moving parts, but it has ports for ethernet, power, keyboard, mouse and a monitor.

It comes with two megabytes of RAM. The next version currently under development will have a USB port, soundcard, local storage capacity, and will be even smaller.

“Essentially, it is about sending pixels over the net,” explained Dr Wills.

We have a similar approach in a company I have co-founded and co-funded – Novatium. One can expect to see an increasing number of sub-$100 thin client solutions in the next couple years.

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