Microsoft’s New Mobile OS Puzzle

The Pondering Primate (TPP) had a puzzle up in the context of Microsoft’s new Mobile OS. First, read this story. TPP’s question: “There’s one sentence in this story that could have enormous consequences, do you see it?”

I got the answer right (see comments 15 and 16 on TPP’s site). Give the puzzle a try. My answer is below.

For anyone interesed in mobile technologies, TPP’s blog is a fantastic read. I would strongly recommend setting aside a few hours and going through all the posts on the site. It is a fascinating glimpse into what the future holds.

So, my answer was this:

I think it is this sentence: “One of these is integrated support for Wi-Fi short-range wireless connections, now available for smart phones rather than just Pocket PCs.”

This sentence has huge ramifications for the telecom industry…VoIP becomes standard into MS smart phones. Voice revenues evaporate (or become flat rate) for cellcos. They have to now think data/value-added services to make money.

TPP response: “That’s disruptive thinking.”

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