Web 2.0 Medical Information Services

[via Richard MacManus] Gordon Gould writes:

Where is medical web 2.0 for our wetware?

Nowhere really, it seems.

Sure there are sites like WebMD and its ilk, but they are basically just interactive encyclopedias for the most part. Also, they tend to be VERY web 1.0: monolithic, closed, and mostly just about info-retrieval w/some limited additional functionality. Maybe some of these guys will upgrade, but I think that the most interesting web 2.0 services will be greenfield start-ups, just as they have been in the more conventional consumer internet.

Personalized medicine is the future of healthcare and it promises longer, healthier lives for all of us. To realize this promise, we need accurate, flexible, and personalized medical information services that empower us as consumers to monitor, manage, and maintain our health.

Medical information services are a major area of opportunity and successful companies in this space could both make a lot of money and improve/save a lot of lives. That is very exciting. So I hope the web 2.0 crowd remembers that everyone has a body, needs medical care at some point, and realizes that this is an area worth paying attention to.

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