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Siliconindia has a write-up about Novatium:

Indian computer industry never had it so good. With the active backing of the Government, computer manufacturers in India are leaving no stones unturned to develop and sell low cost computers both in India and abroad.

After all the talks of empowering Indians with low cost computers, a Chennai based PC startup Novatium will soon launch low cost thin client machine, one of which can be upgraded to a PC.

Aimed at India residents with no PC experience, Novatium is developing the Nova NetPC, a thin client expected to cost just $100. The PC is now in beta-stage development and will reportedly be maintenance-free and appliance-like.

Novatium’ three founders include Analog Devices’ chairman Ray Stata, Ashok Jhunjhunwala of the Indian Institute of Technology, and Indian entrepreneur Rajesh Jain

Indias first attempt at developing common mans computer resulted in the invention of Simputer four years ago. Early this week the company that developed Simputer launched Mobilis, a kind of desktop computer for about $200 under a government-backed initiative.

Also, the Indian government has spoken of a low-cost computer, which aided by tax breaks and incentives, could cause computer hardware manufacturing to take off in India.

There is also a reference to Novatium here:

Novatium Solutions Pvt Ltd., a startup in Chennai in south India, is working on a Linux thin client that will sell for about $100 and lack moving parts. The company believes that as broadband proliferates, the most viable option for low-cost computing for mass markets like education, home, small and medium enterprises and e-governance will be to hook a simple appliance on to a Linux server on a network, according to a company spokesman. In addition to low prices, in emerging markets, manageability is also critical, said the spokesman.

Besides supporting traditional data processing, the thin clients will support multimedia applications such as streaming video. Novatium aims to deliver computing as an utility that is piped through networks into thin clients.

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