The Telecom Earthquake

Martin Geddes writes:

It would be a tragic mistake to underestimate the potential market power Skype is accumulating. According to Skypes own figures from VON Canada, theyre sustaining a growth rate of 1000% a year. Just another 2 years of this growth and they would have over 200 million concurrent users online. This is not beyond plausibility given how Skype and broadband are symbiotically driving adoption of one-another; the addressable market is exploding too.

That means even if youre a mega-telco a Verizon or a Vodafone youre screwed. You can create your own Private Voice Application, and start marketing it to your early-adopter users, but who ya gonna call? Aint nobody but Skypers out there. Want some Skype presence in your Vodafone-branded VoIP app? Gonna cost ya!

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.