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The Pondering Primate writes about an opportunity for Google:

I know mobile search advertising will be much bigger than PC advertising, so that leads to this question.

How much will Google make when they sell keywords for mobile search and how will they do it?

Will Google start a keyword division solely for mobile search?

How much more will Google make when advertisers know that search results will be determined on location not keyword algorithms? A LOT

There are 3 reasons mobile search will generate more revenues than PC search.

1. there will be more internet traffic with the phone that the PC soon
2. click fraud wont be an issue
3. website owners will pay MUCH MORE for keywords when they have control of them.


Would Google be able to command more dollars if advertisers knew their site would come up based on location versus guessing the correct keywords? YES.

Will Google create a few billion dollar revenue streams from this? YES
Heres how they do it.

Google unveils a Mobile Words division and mobile search takes off. All generic words are available for sale, except trademarks and brand names. That is another problem that can be resolved with Googles Mobile Words. They sell, not auction/bid for keywords for a mobile search.

Remember mobile search is really navigation.

How can Google re-sell the same keywords again?

The search for pizza on a PC versus pizza on a cell phone is completely different. It also is done from a completely different device, and Google can determine this. Google can tell from the server info that a search query was coming from a cell phone.

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