Usability Needs in Future

[via Smart Mobs] The Edu-Blogger writes:

Its becoming pretty obvious that the major dilemma of our decade is not having access to enough information, but being able to handle all of the information available. More and more were going to need technologies designed to help us find what we want and need instantly (and not without hoping that what we want is in the first 20 results of a possible million). We also need technologies that help us find things we dont know we want, but would be glad to have if we knew about. Here I am not talking about commercial productsalthough businesses have jumped onto this idea more quickly than other servicesI am talking about finding the article I didnt know existed, but which would be just the thing Im looking for, or being alerted to the weather in a town I plan to drive through next week.

The newest innovation I see is a phone that is actually easy to use for anything other than calling people. We have the technology to make phones be computers, complete with all our media, hard drives, anything you want! We can stick 40 gigabytes on something as small as a phone, so the potential is huge to make one device that does everything you needincluding call people (I know we have palm pilots that can call people, but theyre not very popular). Why dont we have this yet? Because phone number pads are the most unusable thing on the planet for anything except calling people. Someones going to get smart and design a really usable phone/mobile device that will become as popular as the iPod is now. Speaking of iPod, why not throw a scroll wheel on a phonethat would be a start!

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