Open Media 100 Nominations

Ross Mayfield has his nominations (which are well-thought out):

The Founding Fathers: industry luminaries who created the vision of open media and continue to shape it.
* Dan Gillmor
* Clay Shirky
* Joi Ito
* Doc Searls
* And yes, Dave Winer

The Tool Smiths: web service entrepreneurs and companies building the open media tools (blogs, social software, wikis, RSS, analytic tools, etc.).
* The Trotts
* Peter Kaminski
* Joshua Schachter
* Stuart Butterfield
* Greg Reinacker

The Trendsetters: the influencers driving and evangelizing the adoption and applications of Open Media.
* Liz Lawley
* John Battelle
* David Weinberger
* Steve Gillmor
* Robert Scoble

The Practitioners: the top bloggers in politics, business, technology, and media.
* Slashdot
* BoingBoing
* Kos
* Jeff Jarvis
* John Battelle

The Enablers: the venture capitalists and investors backing the Open Media Revolution.
* Reid Hoffman
* Omidyar Network
* Venture Blog
* Esther Dyson

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