IPTV in Oklahoma

Om Malik writes: “Pioneer Long Distance, a subsidiary of Pioneer Telephone Cooperative of Oklahoma is all set to launch an IPTV service over its network, and will soon offer triple play packages to 33,000 homes. They will be using technology from Entone, which makes personal video content hardware and software. PTC, the third largest telephone cooperative, is currently upgrading its entire eight-region network with high-speed ADSL2+ and IPTV services. When complete, it will deliver up to 166 channels of streaming broadcast video and use ADSL2+ to support the viewing of as many as three different TV channels simultaneously per home.”

Sometimes, I wish that the broadband providers in India would wake up and realise the opportunities they are missing. We need to be leapfrogging to the new era. But alas, we are still stuck in the past where we define broadband as 256 Kbps and the real speeds on these connections are closer to 30-40 Kbps during the day. And now some of the operators want to charge us based on downloads! Let’s learn from Korea and get to work building a state-of-the-art infra in India and then see the services bloom.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.