Microsoft Media Juggernaut

David Berlind thinks it is unstoppable: “First, its announcement with Philips and second, the launch of the next version of its mobile operating platform (code-named Magneto, but officially Windows Mobile 5.0). Not to mention that Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates served notice to Apple and the Podderati (Dan Gillmor agrees that the iPods runaway success is unsustainable). After you add it all up how deeply entrenched into the global infrastructure (computers, other devices, telecommunications networks, content providers, etc.) Windows Media already is, what will happen as a result of the Philips announcement, and the Magneto news is there any doubt that Microsoft is not only poised to repeat its successful Windows formula, but that that success will, over the long run, actually dwarf the companys success with Windows?”

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.