Forbes writes:

Always on and always with you, the cell phone is the most personal and ubiquitous gadget ever devised; 1.5 billion are in use worldwide, and last year 690 million were sold, six times the number of PCs and laptops. Suddenly this high-tech talisman is morphing into something even bigger–a futuristic entertainment system and the most exciting new tech platform since the Internet. Wireless carriers send ever larger chunks of data ever faster across the airwaves. Makers pump out phones with bigger screens, 3-D graphics chips and lush digital sound and video. Newly inspired entrepreneurs and entertainment titans alike are in a mad rush to develop songs, graphics, games and videos to light up millions of teensy screens.

“The mobile phone is the most exciting software platform in history.It’s connected to the Internet, it’s truly global, and it’s an essential part of everyone’s lifestyle,” says Mitchell Lasky, founder of Jamdat in Los Angeles.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.