Lightweight Application Servers

Peter Yared writes: “The trend towards lightweight servers has clearly moved beyond the LAMP open source stack into the enterprise Java space as well. More and more new Java deployments run on clusters of Apache Tomcat or on the web containers of J2EE servers. EJB 3 will introduce EntityBeans with POJOs (plain old Java objects), so the J2EE standard will finally catch up with popular open source technologies like Hibernate (although of course unnecessarily reinventing it instead of just using the popular open source that is already established). I think we can safely say that the trend in both the LAMP and Java worlds favors lightweight servers running on commodity hardware, rather than small clusters of heavyweight servers running on SMP hardware…The bottom line is that there is no software/hardware stack on the planet more vertically optimized than the Apache/Linux/x86/GigE ‘commodity stack’, and everything from LAMP to Java to animation rendering will run on it.”

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Rajesh Jain

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