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The New York Times has a story which I can find an echo with (and am writing in my Tech Talk on “Dotcom Nostalgia”)

The Internet, of course, didn’t just go away when the dot-com-bubble burst. In the late 1990’s, these founders of thousands of startups had paddled out from shore in hopes of catching the huge digital wave they saw coming. Tens, if not hundreds, of billions were spent on building up the Internet’s infrastructure and on marketing the magic of the Web to the general public. That most of the visionaries ran out of money before the wave came in proved only that they had bad timing. The wave has arrived. The widespread adoption of broadband over the last few years has provided the means to deliver music, video, photos and sophisticated Web graphics. Technological progress has marched steadily forward, as has the money consumers spend annually online, a figure that has grown by fairly regular double-digit percentages. In retrospect, the only thing the dot-com boom and bust really demonstrated was that growing enormously wealthy so quickly was more than a matter of simply showing up.

[Says Sunil Paul:] ”We are not ready to stop changing the world.”

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