The $100 PC

The $100 PC discussion has suddenly become hot. David Berlind writes:

Over the recent year, theres been a lot of talk about the so-called $100 PC. Last fall, during Gartners Symposium in Orlando, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer talked about why “we” need a $100 PC. In certain parts of the world parts that Microsoft sees as growth opportunities now that other markets are saturated Microsoft has been selling Windows and Office (in some cases, stripped of certain features/functions) at cut-rate prices in hopes of stimulating demand. Last month, in an interview with CNET, AMD CEO Hector Ruiz claimed the $100 PC is on the way. In fact, Ruiz went as far as saying that the PC would be a laptop PC. Said Ruiz in the interview, “I dont think a $100 computer is out of the question in a three-year time frame. A lot of people forget that the first cell phones came out at $3,000 to $4,000 dollars and today are free. I think theres going to be some of that same kind of movement with computing and communications devices..I think, within three years, its not at all unreasonable to think of a $100 laptop for that segment.” But is $100 achievable, particularly when you take the cost of a decent monitor into consideration?

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