Tiecon Quotes

Brij Singh has some of the quotes from the conference:

Cost of running offshore site in Spain is only 8% higher as compared to India – Virmani (Global Partner – Accenture)

Best introduction (received big applause for this) – “I am Craig Newmark, customer service rep and founder , Craigslist”

“I don’t believe in low-end, high-end distinction. TCS was doing pure body shopping and now they are a multi-billion consulting giant” – PV Kannan, CEO 24/7 Customer

Some other tidbits , don’t remember who said what !

Online bill payment growth number is about to hit hockey stick growth – Billeo CEO

Most of the Internet emerging startups are using Google adsense to pay their bills. Atleast Fatlens, Billeo and Technorati acknowledged that.

What metrics to show to board members ? CTR, Conversion, Impressions, LTV , Irrational Exuberance (Ok I added the last one !)

New catch phrase for all outsourcers – Business Transformation. Expect IBM to trademark eTransformers or maybe bTransformers.

80% of the world cannot afford HP products. This realization started HP’s initiative to capture bottom of the pyramid. Hence e-inclusion type projects.

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