Second-Time Entrepreneurs

Mr Gutman has a message:

Everyone is working hard, but are they really? And can you win in business, on your own terms?

Experience says no. To win you have to submit to the lunacy of the crazy world we live in. If you won’t push the pedal to the floor, you can bet your competitors will. And while you may be motivated even with cushy surroundings and shorter days, the people you hire will take it as a signal that they can relax too. No one will work harder than the boss. That’s one of the unfortunate rules of all organization. So if you’re on your hard-earned less-stress route to success, the people you hired are acting like cashed-out second-time entrepreneurs too! They can’t avoid it, it’s just human nature. Of course they’ll be disappointed to find out that when you stop funding the project they’ll go back to being poor schnooks, and if you didn’t blow all your cash (some people do) you’ll still be rich.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.