Google Ad Exchange

[via SearchEngineWatch Blog] MarketWatch wonders:

EBay is already an exchange where buyers and sellers meet to trade stuff — from Pez dispensers, cars to homes. Imagine if it became a marketplace platform where ad buyers and ad sellers transacted business. Think of the cut that eBay would get!

Alas, Google is already well on its way to becoming such an exchange.

Google already has AdWords, which helps marketers place their advertisements on Google’s search-results page and a growing list of content publications, like blogs. On the flipside, Google’s AdSense helps online publishers make available their real estate so Google can plaster ads on them.

But imagine a more automated world in which online publishers place their inventory on Google’s exchange. Online advertisers could choose, in an a la carte format, where they wanted to place their ads — whether they wanted to buy keywords across a number of sites, or if they wanted to simply choose a specific site.

Google would sit in the middle and take a cut of all the transactions.

This is a good context to think about Google’s rumoured launch of its payment services (like PayPal) and classifieds (like Craigslist).

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