Mobiles and Newspapers

The Editors Weblog writes about a speech by Jim Chisholm, strategy advisor for the World Association of Newspapers:

[He] described how newspapers can profit from mobile technology, declaring that “Mobile will accelerate the newspapers renaissance.” Chisholm pointed out that, in fact, newspapers and mobile companies face a similar dilemma in that newspapers are trying to attract younger readers while mobile operators are having trouble signing up older generations. Working together could be very profitable for both media. He said that technology is changing the economics of consumerism in a manner that news organizations can no longer rely on being a single-media company and that newsrooms will have to learn how to better accommodate local news. Here are some of the ways showing how mobile technology provides the perfect medium for newspapers to expand their reach and increase revenue:

– Mobiles build single copy sales by creating a ubiquitous fountain through which newspapers can distribute their content.

– Portable devices add value to subscriptions through tools such as SMS announcements

– Newspapers can add video to their content through mobiles

– Mobiles increase advertising sales, especially classifieds through tools such as MMS where consumers can see photos of products

– Advertiser response improves through mobile use as newspapers can beam their advertisements to consumers while they shop

– Newspapers can build communities through mobile by, for example, alerting commuters to traffic problems

– Research is facilitated by mobile as readers can report in real time through polls and surveys

– Mobile helps newspapers create the news by relating more closely to the reader who are then encouraged to send in stories

– Newspapers can improve their operational efficiency with SIM card technology which allow them to update and track events as they are happening, as well as send photos immediately back to the newsdesk

– Mobiles attract new readers, especially younger generations who carry mobile devices with them everywhere

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