New Models Emerging

[via Sadagopan] Gerd Leonhard identifies the transformation we are seeing around us:

The Great Transition:

  • Music Industry (top down) to Peer to Peer (bottom-up)
  • Scheduled Television to Tivo
  • Media Publishing to Weblogs
  • Client-server applications to Web services
  • Circuit-switched telephony to VOIP
  • Licensed cellular to Unlicensed wireless

    The Key Megatrends related to the digital entertainment industry:
    1. The on-demand media lifestyle is here
    2. The end of customer sacrifices is near (music !!)
    3. Everybody is short of time, and must make choices
    4. The end of browsing is near (see Google morph)(This may be controversial though)
    5. In media, the traditional scarcity principle of valuation morphs into the ubiquity paradigm
    6. Radio is finally unbound (by spectrum or schedule)
    7. Consumers are starting to generate their own content
    8. A mass of niche markets evolves (lowest common denominator concerns becomes irrelevant)
    9. Time-shifting and space-shifting and device shifting become standard
    10. Long-tail opportunities are everywhere.

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