Tech’s Fourth Wave

[via The Pondering Primate] Australian IT writes:

Early signs of the fourth wave of the tech economy are emerging, according to Forrester Research’s information technology innovation report.

Unlike the past three waves driven by mainframes, PCs and the internet, this phase will begin sooner and spread faster than historical cycles suggest, and will lead to a “truly IT everywhere” planet.

Forrester has identified four trends as “the seeds of the next big thing”.

Digital business architecture: An architecture stack to succeed web-based applications, comprising cheap, virtualised hardware and network resources at the bottom, shared software and services in the middle, and business intelligence and interaction platforms on top.

Extended internet: The X internet will connect systems to physical assets, products and devices, from RFID and telematics to mobile networks and biometrics.

Innovation networks: A business model for software development that lets companies match demand for innovation with worldwide sources of talent and capital.

Social computing: Companies will tap into the social structure created by search engines, blogs and viral marketing.

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Rajesh Jain

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