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[via Robert Scoble] Paul Thurrott interviews (part 1, part 2) Jeff Henshaw, the Executive Producer for Xbox Digital Entertainment at Microsoft . Excerpts:

The first real wave of revolution that we think Xbox 360 is going to bring to gaming worldwide is high definition gaming. You heard this a lot at E3. If you walked out of E3 without hearing high-def, it would be a miracle…Hi-def to us is, partly, about pixels on the screen. Every Xbox 360 game is going to be 720p minimum, high-def resolution, 16 x 9 aspect ratio. It will look great on both high-def and standard-def televisions because we built in enough graphics horsepower that Xbox 360 in real time can scale down high-def images to standard def.

The Xbox 360 will also bring “always-connected entertainment” to people. And by always-connected, I mean no matter what game you’re playing, users will always have access to their friends online through Xbox Live. On Xbox 360, every single game is Xbox Live enabled because the system itself is Xbox Live aware. So even if you’re playing a single player offline game that has no multiplayer functionality at all, you still have the ability to receive invitations to play with your friends. You also still have the ability to bring up your friends list and see who is playing what, and see whether you’d like to join them.

That goes beyond just gaming. If you’re listening to an audio CD, or watching a DVD movie, you’re still always connected to that group of friends. Even if you’re watching live TV through Media Center Extender, you’re still connected to all of your friends.

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