Customer Business Drivers

Supernova 2005 Blog has quotes from a talk by Hossein Eslambolchi of AT&T Global Networking Technology Services:

Customer business drivers include:

  • Security (anti-viruses worms, spam, terrorism, etc.)

  • Right-time collaboration (broadband, Metro Ethernet, presence IM, IP, VoIP, Grid, new access technologies)

  • Mobility/remote worker (telecommuting, wi-fi, Wimax, RFID, sensors, personal firewalls)

  • Flexibility/pay per use: We’re at the beginning of on-demand computing design, virtualization, real-time enterprise, software as a service.

  • Business process/integration. More companies are moving to web services. The network is shielding the customers.

  • Compliance challenges: as much as 8% of corporate budgets is spent on compliance technologies for section 17a3, Sarbanes-Oxley, etc.

  • Globalization: NAFTA, WTO, etc.

    Yesterday and today

    ECollaboration will dominate the workplace, he predicted. He drew comparisons between yesterday’s and today’s realities.

    Yesterday’s networks are pipes and ports — revenues of the past. Tomorrow: value-added applications. Software will be the goldmine of the future: rich network-centric services.

    Yesterday: individual networks; today and tomorrow, with IP technology we’re beginning to see the convergence of networks.

    Yesterday: fixed capacity. IP world: on-demand utility everywhere.

    Yesterday: wired world; moving to wireless, free space.

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