TECH TALK: Disruptions: Personal View

I strongly believe that we in India have an opportunity to build the next Black Swan, a company that in 3-5 years can be as important as Google is being seen today. Keeping a perspective of the future world that we want to create is necessary so that we make the right decisions as we work towards building it.

The three key building blocks for my thinking about the future are broadband, mobility and emerging markets. Broadband will enable on-demand, net-native services. Mobility will empower users with computers in their pockets. Much of this future will begin and spread faster in emerging markets because they have very little legacy.

The opportunity lies in putting these building blocks together and creating an ecosystem of focused enterprises which can build out elements of the future. This is what I think of as the Emergic Enterprise Ecosystem. I want to combine this thinking with Bill Burnhams point about thesis-based investing: This approach stresses taking the initiative to develop an investment thesis based on focused expertise and then using that investment thesis as the basis for a directed deal acquisition campaign designed to either ferret out those existing start-ups that fit into this investment thesis or to help create new companies that can take advantage of an identified opportunity.

Building the ecosystem also provides leverage, a point highlighted by serial entrepreneur Mark Pincus: The big dilemma facing most seasoned entrepreneurs today is about leverage.The VC’s and other investors get plenty by making multiple bets within large funds. They can be reasonably confident that over their fund’s life they can deliver good returns and make good and sometimes obscene money. Entrepreneurs have to make totally concentrated bets and wait several years to see if they pay off at all.

I am trying to have the best of both worlds be an entrepreneur AND build the ecosystem. Netcore is my entrepreneurial endeavour focused around mobility and software-as-a-service, with a focus on emerging markets like India. The Emergic ecosystem is about taking some of the other disruptions and getting greater leverage.

I did not start off thinking like this or with a master plan. These ideas have evolved in the past year. My goal is to make a positive difference to the middle- and bottom-of-the-pyramid in emerging markets through the appropriate use of technology. In doing so, I believe we can also build out the next Black Swan from India.

We have one of the worlds largest populations. We now have in The Times of India the worlds largest selling English-language broadsheet newspaper. And amongst all the enterprise that Indians have been known for, it will be good to also build one of the worlds largest corporations in the next decade. Ambitious, yes. Earlier, it would have taken decades to build the next-generation conglomerates. But now, disruptions provide an opportunity to compress time. Google has become the largest media company (by market capitalisation) in about 6 years. We in India should set ourselves the goal of doing so in even less. Let us embrace Aggregate and Brainstorm Coming Disruptions, leveraging Entrepreneurship to Focus on building the next Googles. Hear me, India?

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.