Verisign and Wireless Net

Forbes writes how Verisign’s acquisitions are helping it take up a leadership position:

In 2004, the company, best known for enterprise security and e-commerce, paid $273 million for Berlin, Germany-based Jamba!, which provides a platform for downloading applications, ringtones and video to cell phones. Earlier this year, it paid $270 million for LightSurf Technologies, which develops multimedia messaging technology.

VeriSign’s entry into wireless networks reflected “organic growth” for the company, says Roger Entner, an analyst with research firm Ovum. VeriSign was able to move from Internet services to wireless services because of its existing Internet network and e-commerce capabilities, he says. After acquiring Jamba! and LightSurf, VeriSign’s partnerships with carriers gave the company an easy jump-off point for providing mobile content over the wireless networks to individual cell phones.

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