Changing Media

[via David Weinberger] Dan Bricklin writes:

The “media” of yesterday were producers of broad content. The “media” of today are really tools for individuals to communicate with few or many people — the tools scale and the thresholds are very low. The tools assume a long tail and are not area-specific for “broad interest content”. So Google (and others) with search (a “newspaper” or “book” with very narrow grained material that has more or less whatever you want to read, not just what someone decided you want to read today), email, and blogging (a newspaper that’s as easy to maintain as sending email to one person so it’s worth it for one or ten or a thousand readers) is a new “media” company in that media means a way to read or hear what we want from others. Wikis are “books” that are easy for a group to write, either very small or large.

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