Importance of RSS

Kevin Hale writes:

The reason we give feeds so much of our face-time is because they give us exactly what we need to know from the voices we want to hear from as soon as it happens. For those of us that have adopted RSS feeds, gone are the days of wasting time making the rounds through over 100 bookmarks just to see who might have said something new. Gone are the days of waiting for the few obsessive compulsive bloggers who actually did that to post their findings so the rest of us could stay informed. Subscription makes it easy. Subscription makes it efficient. Even though broadband technology is getting faster, the pace of information development is forcing internet surfers to skip the eye-candy for the luxury of skimming.

Thanks to services like, Technorati and, people are spending a lot less time actively searching and more time passively reading whats being updated in their readers.

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Rajesh Jain

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