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John Battelle writes in the context of Yahoo’s My Web 2.0:

Search is no longer a stand-alone application, a useful but impersonal tool for finding something on a new medium called the world wide web. Increasingly, search is our mechanism for how we understand ourselves, our world, and our place within it. Its how we navigate the one infinite resource that drives human culture: knowledge. [an excerpt from Battelle’s forthcoming book “The Search”]

What is potentially exciting about all this is the ability for bottom up domain specific search to get built. Imagine a Globalspec built by a community of users who are all sharing their searches across My Web. Then imagine they realize what they’ve built, and decide to make a business of it. I am quite sure Yahoo will be right there, helping them figure that out, and folding those domain specific realms of knowledge into their broader index. Weiner says his roadmap for where My Web is going is one of the deepest ever created at Yahoo.

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