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[via Smart Mobs] Ross Mayfield writes:

Yahoo views the web as a play with three acts.

* Act I: Public (e.g. Web Search)
* Act II: Personal (e.g. Desktop Search)
* Act II Social (e.g. search communities)

I got a sneak peak at this. You can save, annotate and tag any webpage — and then share it with two degrees of separation in your Yahoo 360 network, or, everyone. Social discovery happens around time, people, locations and topics.

The timing of this release may have to do with Google Personalized Search. I slammed Yahoo for not moving from Personalization to Socialization once, and don’t need to repeat myself.

When you make search social, what matters is trust, expertise and context. They may gain object centered sociality around web-pages, where stories around pages yield connections that yield stories. While this may at first glance look at a real threat to and other social bookmarking sites, they don’t have the social incentives quite right, yet. They either need to strengthen them (they eye personal, social and economic [ack!] incentives) or remove many clicks to get to Act III.

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